2022 IC3 Report

For Our Members, here is a copy of FBI Internet Crime Report

You can download it here – 2022 IC3 report

Today’s cyber landscape has provided ample opportunities for criminals and adversaries to target U.S. networks,
attack our critical infrastructure, hold our money and data for ransom, facilitate large-scale fraud schemes, and
threaten our national security. At the FBI, we know “cyber risk is business risk” and “cyber security is national security.”
There is no shortage of recent examples showing the wide-ranging economic and national security effects of cyber
crimes. We have seen cyber threats emanate from around the world and witnessed the scope and sophistication of
these scams and attacks deepen. As these threats increase, we continue to encourage victims to report cyber incidents
and cyber-enabled frauds to the FBI so that we may impose risks and consequences on malicious cyber actors.



Special Agents Association looking forward in 2023

Happy New Year to everyone!


Upon surveying our membership recently, we have received sufficient support from the core of our organization to continue in 2023!

At this time, we will resume meetings on a quarterly basis beginning in march of this year. Stay tuned for details!

Remember you can log into the site at https://specialagentsassociation.com/my-account

Here again are the instructions for logging into your account.


The following were approved by the Board at the Annual Meeting held virtually on January 9, 2023.

President – John Lucki
1st Vice President – Paul Ohm
2nd Vice President – Hector Rodriguez
3rd Vice President – Jeannette Tamayo
Comptroller – John Manella
Treasurer/Secretary – Mike Wilt
Director – Stan Mocek
Director – Michael Carroll
Director – James Kelly

Many thanks to our outgoing President, Rick Perez!

We look forward to an active and successful New Year and will be seeking out partnerships with other organizations.